Cigarettes : America 's Most Detrimental Drug

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Cigarettes: America’s Most Detrimental Drug INTRODUCTION Many drugs are used, misused, and abused in American society today. Some of these carry stigma in the general population, forcing users into an underground drug subculture. Others are accepted and almost promoted under certain circumstances. Tobacco is one of those drugs. Tobacco will be discussed in the context of cigarette smoking. This is not to undermine the existence or danger of other forms of tobacco, but instead to have an exhaustive discussion of cigarette smoking and its societal impact. Cigarettes are a means of inhaling tobacco, where it enters the lungs and is absorbed through the blood vessels, traveling to the heart, from which it is finally pumped to the brain (Hogan, Gabrielsen, Luna, and Grothaus 2003:76). Cigarettes are detrimental to society because they not only affect the user who chooses to smoke; they impact people around them through second-hand and residual smoke. The damage done by cigarettes is not impossible to address. Successful prevention measures are already in place, but this paper intends to suggest other more direct measures, especially related to statutory regulations. WHY? The User Cigarette smoke has extreme health consequences. It has been found that for both sexes, smoking increases the risk of dying from heart disease and from all causes; and for women, it increases the likelihood of dying from lung cancer (Bjartveit and Tverdal 2005). Cigarette smoking habits also

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