Cigarettes Should Be Banned

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Smoking is a dangerous and expensive habit that comes with no benefit. Cigarettes are known for being one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide. With very little success, many efforts have been made to put an end to smoking cigarettes, such as tax raises, restrictions on where smokers can smoke, and graphic advertising on the cigarette packet themselves. The harmful effects of cigarettes are endless, such as heart disease and various types of cancer. Cigarettes are also polluting the earths waters, land, and even wildlife. All in all, cigarettes should be banned because banning cigarettes would help save the environment, bring huge health benefits, and ultimately, put an end to preventable deaths.
All smokers believe that when smoking, they are only damaging their own health. However, they are completely ignorant of the fact that smoking is also terrible for the environment. Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals, which are then breathed out and are released into the atmosphere. Of the total North American population, 30% are smokers. With so many smokers releasing thousands of chemicals into the air with one single exhalation, it is no surprise that a humongous amount of pollution is being released into the atmosphere every day. Cigarettes are not only dangerous for the atmosphere, however, they are also polluting the earths waters. Water is what keeps the world going due to the fact that rivers and lakes provide fresh water to drink. However, every year,
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