Cigarettes: The Legalization Of Marijuana

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“I don’t understand how smoking cigarettes is legal and smoking marijuana is not” is something many people have heard or argued within their community because through the statistic, health related problems caused by cigarettes were very high when marijuana have not done serious harm to anyone. In our society, many people have different views on marijuana, and now that it is legalized by proposition 64 it will be more accessible to more people. Within our community, it is important to understand various perspectives and relationships between different groups of people and marijuana itself.
First, in our community marijuana is widely accepted. Although I do not smoke marijuana due to my personal reasoning, such as participating in sport that
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Which explains how smoking marijuana is accepted differently among different people. For example now that government has allowed residents of California to legally smoke in private properties, education systems and parents have became more acceptable to the use of marijuana. Although it is acceptable, I have encountered many of parents and adults that do not recommend the use of it to the youths because they believe that marijuana will have side effects and downside to their daily lifestyle such as staying engaged in school, sports, and relationships with significant others. While adults are slightly against the use of it youths are definitely agrees to the use of marijuana because they are many of them are going through adolescence and the experience of it is part of their growth. On the other hand functional theory may be applied to the use of marijuana since society as whole defines some deviant behavior from smoking marijuana as unacceptable actions. For example, when marijuana is viewed as the reason why someone is being inactive and inefficient with their lives they are harshly judged as the “lazy pot head who smokes weed everyday”. This emphasizes that society judges those small group of people who are not attempting to live the American Dream and is does not have the drive to take advantage of great opportunities that is in front of them, which creates moral boundaries for many people in the society. Comparing those two theories, symbolic interactionism has the strength to create a society that is open to other group’s ideas on the view of marijuana whereas functional theory limits and creates a rule with society as whole which limits the acceptable use of marijuana. On the other hand, the upside of the functional theory is that it leads to the growth of the society as a whole
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