Cih Level 3 Assignment 4

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Mark Cooper
CIH Level 3
March 2013

Assignment 3
Report on Provisions of Affordable Housing

Contents: 1. Aim 2. Housing 3. Housing Deprivation 4. Urban Policy 5. Stock by Tenure 6. LGA Housing Stock 7. Right to Buy Entitlement 8. Community Stability & Regeneration 9. Accessibility of Affordable Housing 10. Accessing Affordable Housing 11. Conclusion

Information Report: Economic Factors Affecting Policy and Provision of Affordable Housing

Mark Cooper
25th March 2013

This report aims to examine and show how economic factors and housing policy have affected provision of affordable housing in Dundee from mid 1900’s to present day. It will show evolution of
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For most tenants they have been replaced by Housing Benefit. The sale of Dundee’s council housing to tenants and mass transfers of stock to Registered Social Landlords, have reduced the numbers to approx 14,000 current stock. As the role of council housing has diminished, Housing Associations have been encouraged to take over the limited opportunities for development.

5.Stock By Tenure The last quarter of a century has seen a significant change in Dundee’s housing tenure. In 1981, less than 40% of dwelling stock was owner occupied. By 2010, this had risen to 61%. Although there has been a similar pattern of change across much of Europe, the change has been particularly dramatic in Dundee, and indeed Scotland. Mirroring changes in cultural attitudes toward home ownership, two structural factors have contributed to this shift. The introduction of the right to buy for public authority tenants in 1979 coupled with the decline of local authority new build, and the increased contribution of private sector house building.

6.Local Authority Housing Stock

Local authority stock levels have been decreasing each year since the 1980s. This is mainly due to tenants buying their homes under right to buy coupled with a decline in the number of new local authority dwellings being built, as well as community ownership programmes whereby a public authority transfers either all or part of its housing stock and management function to RSLs.

The New Towns established

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