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American Civil War Experiences of the American Civil War (1861-1865): Honor, Duty and Death Introduction The following pages are an essay on the cause of the American Civil War (1861-1865) and the effects that the war had upon the soldiers, women and African Americans of the North and the South. In this essay I will write about the following topics and present a view of how the war was witnessed by these different groups of people. In regards to the soldiers of the North and the South, I will answer the following questions: What was the enthusiasm of the soldiers from the North and the South before the war? What was their perspective after the fighting had started? How did the soldiers of the invading armies treat the civil…show more content…
The soldier’s perspectives on the length of the war were influenced by the motivation to protect their way of life. In describing the sentiments of Union and Confederate soldiers we can use some examples that are in letters sent home by the soldiers. One Kentucky confederate wrote, “I choose to fight for southern rights and southern liberty against the vandals of the North who were determined to destroy slavery”[vi]. Another opinion by a Wisconsin Union soldier states his reasons for fighting in the war, “ I have no heart in this war if the slaves cannot go free”[vii]Both the North and the South believed to be fighting to preserve the society that was prevalent in the respective regions of the United States. The South was trying to protect the institution of slavery and their society. The North, at the start of the war, only had the intention to overcome the succession, but they later realized that it could only do this by destroying slavery[viii]. When it became apparent to the soldiers on the battlefield that the war would not end quickly, the tone of enthusiasm changed. An example of the change in attitude can be obtained from the following passage that was written by the Union soldier Jno R. McClure to his sister in 1862 “I will tell you what I think and that is the north will never whip the south as long as there is a man left in the south. They fight like wild devles. Ever man seems to determine to loose the last
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