Cilium In PKD: A Case Study

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Cilium plays a significant role in the cause of PKD. Cilia are microtubules located on the surface of most eukaryotic cells. There are two different kinds of cilia. The first one is the motile-cilia and the second is the non-motile-cilia or ‘primary’. Motile-cilia mostly help with movement. They mostly found on the respiratory tract and middle ear. Also they help push sperm. In the other hand the non-motile-cilia are working as a sensory antenna for the cells as well as signaling between cells. Non-motile-cilia act as sensory for the concentrations of calcium flow and growth factors. In addition, the non-motile-cilia in the kidney called kidney tubules. As seen in PKD, an irregularity of non-motile cilia is the cause of abnormal cell
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