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Table of Contents ABSTRACT: 2 INTRODUCTION: 2 HISTORY: 2 The CIMB Brand: 4 Introduction to ATM: 5 Problem statement: ATM System 6 Information process cycle: 6 Applied into CIMB Bank Berhad: 9 Five Elements of Information System: 11  HARDWARE: 12  Software: 13 Tools of Oracle: 14 7. BALANCE ENQUIRY: 17 8. RECEIPT/CASH 17 9. REFILL MONEY: 18 IDENTIFICATION OF USERS AND JUSTIFICATION: 18 CONCLUSION: 19

This research paper is designed to perform and evaluate gathered information about an automated teller machine (ATM). It describes the History and Groups of CIMB bank, how internal factors work such as Information process cycle included input data, process, output and hardcopy output. There is an communication
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The CIMB Brand:
At CIMB Group, they believe foresight is the key to capturing latent opportunities. It is this conviction that drives CIMB to think ahead and look beyond the obvious, allowing our customers to benefit first from emerging developments. CIMB strive to look for value where others do not. To see beyond the present, beyond the obvious, beyond the norm. With their capabilities now extending into more areas, CIMB Group, as a universal bank today, is now primed to create value for all types of customers across Southeast Asia.
Forward Banking CIMB Group. The CIMB Group brand architecture differentiates by color, enabling customers to identify the service offering best suited to their needs. They are united in their commitment to creating value, concentrating their offerings in order to best serve the needs of different customers.

"CIMB Group" is home to their three main sub-brands, incorporating all shared services and group communications.

"CIMB" incorporates our leading investment banking services for corporate clients, asset management services and private banking for high net-worth individuals.

"CIMB Bank" is the trademark for their consumer bank, which offers a wide range of financial products and services to customers that encompass mass market, mass affluent, of business community.

"CIMB Islamic" is their

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