Cincher Should Not Be Allowed Persuasive Speech

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Let's start with plus size waist cinchers or plus size waist shapers, are a wide belt-like garment worn below the bust or rib line and end above the hip in order to give the illusion of a slimmer waistline and a more feminine hourglass shape. Made to be firm control shapewear, the material used is quite thick and don't really have much give. Now this is by no means a bad thing - otherwise how would it do its job? A good waist cincher is designed to really hold in that gut and reduce your waist by at least 1.5/2 inches. There are many waist shapers available that are made from light control, stretchy materials, which will smooth out the bumps and lumps but these aren't 'powerful' enough for me! I need a cincher that will do just as it says -
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