Cinderell Cinderella And Cinderella

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When I was 16, my father divorced my mother. For she was not a good wife. She was looking for a new man who had a house and could provide food. We found someone soon, but the house, it wasn’t as big as my father’s house, but it was ok. We also found out that there was a girl living there and her name was Ella. After Ella’s father died I felt horrible, but Mother and Drizella didn’t seem to care since we were left all the money. She did all of our chores for us and cooked all of our food. One day, she spilled ash all over herself. She was then on named Cinder-ella. I did not hate Ella, but I was so jealous of her that I was rude to her. I feel horrible for it and I wish I would have known. One faithful day we got a letter, an invitation to the royal ball! Mother, Drizella and I were all very excited. Ella seemed so thrilled when Mother asked the seamstress for three dresses. That was until she told poor Cinderella that the third dress was not for her. The royal ball came quickly, and it was the day before the ball. Drizella and I were very excited and fighting about who’d win over the prince. At this ball, he would choose his queen. On the night of the ball Drizella and I were getting ready in our rooms. When we were finished pulling our corsets and putting on our hoop skirts, we went down the hall to the door to wait for Mother. We were ready to leave when Cinderella came running down the stairs in a pretty-ish dress. I thought she looked
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