Cinderell Two Versions Of Cinderella By James Perrales

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Each version of Cinderella is unique and special in its own way. From Disney’s “Cinderella” to “Cinderella” by Charles Perrault to “The Wicked Stepmother” written by James Hinton Knowles. In Disney’s version of Cinderella,
In Charles Perrault’s version of “Cinderella”, there was a man who had another wife and a young daughter who married a woman who became his second wife. She had a former husband and 2 daughters of her own. Almost immediately, the stepmother turned evil and she made Cinderella do all of the work in the house while her own daughters sat around and were pampered by Cinderella all day. One day, they received a letter saying that the King’s son had a ball and invited all persons of fashion to it. Cinderella’s sisters made fun of her. The eldest daughter called her Cinderwench and the youngest called her Cinderella. Each sister wanted to be the most beautiful. Cinderella took care of her sisters and once they left, she was devastated and started crying when her fairy godmother saw how upset Cinderella was and told her to follow these rules. The first step was to go into the garden and get a pumpkin and return it to her godmother who scooped the inside of the pumpkin out and left the rind. With the fairy godmother’s magic, the pumpkin turned into a fine coach. Cinderella was then directed to go into the mouse trap where she found six mice and the mice turned into horses, rat into a coachman, lizards into footmen, and Cinderlla’s clothes would be completely

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