Cinderella Alternate Ending

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Cinderella is really jealous because of her stepsister is more beautiful then her. The beautiful sister always had to do all the work at home, for example, she cleaned, she makes Cinderella’s breakfast, she has to wake up at 6am e.t.c. One morning the stepsister heard someone knock on the door, “knock, knock”. The step sister went to the door and it was….. “A castel envelope!” She gasped. She ran upstairs and gave the envelope to Cinderella. But there is something wrong with Cinderella, she looks mad. She is mad because when the step sisters went to give the envelope to Cinderella she didn’t knock on the door. When Cinderella open the envelope she gasped because she was going to a party in the castle. The step sister thought that she was
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“I don’t know what I’m going to wear?”The sister said.But, I didn't said you were coming! “What, but the king said all the women's.”The step sister said. “ But I don’t want you to came.”Cinderella yelled.Cinderella went with her sparkly dress to the party. Her sparkly sister ran outside and start crying because she couldn't go to the party.But then she heard someone saying, “ Don’t cry my dear.”The fairy godmother whisper.She said she would help her.The special sister was very beautiful with her crystal shoes.She went to the party and the prince was thinking about his future wife.He open his eyes and saw Cinderella’s sister,she was hot like fire.But Cinderella didn't know that the girls that had the sparkly dress was her sister.Cinderella was really jealous because she was more beautiful then her.But Cinderella’s sister needed to be home by midnight.The bells ring because it was midnight,the beautiful woman had to go home.When she was running away from the castle her crystal shoe fell.The prince try to find his perfect woman.Then one day, he knocked on every single house to find his perfect woman. He knocked on Cinderella’s door. “Can you try to wear this shoe?” The prince said. “Off, curse came
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