Cinderella And Princess Culture Summary

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“The Princess Paradox” vs. “Cinderella and Princess Culture” In the article “The Princess Paradox” and “Cinderella and Princess Culture” there are several different approaches that Orenstein and Poniewozik take to get their points across. Over the course of both articles there is a common theme that is displayed. While both authors address the possibility that princess culture has an effect on girls, Poniewozik uses movies to emphasis his claim, and Orenstein uses the product that disney sells to emphasize her claim. In both Orenstein and Poniewozik’s articles feminism is displayed heavily. Feminism is when women's rights are based on the equality of the sexes. In Poniewozik’s article he uses movies to express that women can have everything they want at once. “She should be pretty, but in a class-president way, not a head-cheerleader way. She should be able to stand up for herself...must be socially conscious...and she should above all not want to be a princess” (Poniewozik 325). This newly developed Cinderella portrays that women can be both successful and in love where as the original Cinderella was dependent upon a man while in love. In Orenstein's article she talks about how much money is invested in the disney princess. “What type of bedding would a princess want to sleep in? What kind of alarm clock would a princess want to wake up to? What type of television would a princess want to see?” (Orenstein 329) All of those materialistic things made the girls feel like
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