Cinderella And Princess Culture Summary

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“The Princess Paradox” and “Cinderella and Princess Culture” Authors James Poniewozik and Peggy Orenstein are both concerned with the increase of princess culture among young girls. Poniewozik’s article “The Princess Paradox” and Orenstein's article “Cinderella and Princess Culture” discuss similar aspects of princess culture that could be potentially harmful to it’s audience. Both Poniewozik and Orenstein take on a feminist perspective in their articles. Specifically, both authors discuss feminist themes in princess culture but Orenstein focuses on toddler to pre-teen aged girls while Poniewozik is more concerned with specifically teenagers. Both authors make satirical remarks towards princess culture. Orenstein describes a dentist visit where she became “unhinged” after the professional asked her three-year-old daughter, “Would you like to sit in my special princess throne so I can sparkle your teeth?” (326). She describes the dentists remark as a “Betty Boop inflection” mocking the high-pitched tone in which the dentist chose to speak to her daughter (326). As a feminist, Orenstein advocates that women must earn their respect in order to be treated equally. She does not want her daughter, being as young as she is, to grow up thinking she is entitled to being treated as royalty. Therefore she is insulted by the mollycoddling her daughter receives simply because she is a little girl. On the other hand, Poniewozik uses the film 13 Going on 30 to describe how ridiculously

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