Cinderella, And The Disney Two Different Versions Of Cinderella

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According to Refinary 29, “there are reportedly 345 to 1500 versions of Cinderella.” The first version of Cinderella originated in France written by Charles Perrault in 1697 (Donahue). Different versions of Cinderella can be found as movies, books, plays, and poems. Three of the most popular versions are Little Golden Book Cinderella, the Grimm brothers version of “Cinderella”, and the Disney 2015 film Cinderella. In the various versions of Cinderella, similarities and differences can be found in the theme of the story, the archetype of water portrayed through setting and scenes, and character of Cinderella’s father. .
In each version of Cinderella the theme becomes evident through the small details. In the Little Golden Book, the theme is that hard work and kindness pays off. Cinderella was “kind to everyone,” (4) and “worked hard all day long” (8). In the end, Cinderella had a happy ending and lived happily ever after while her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters suffered. In the Grimm Brothers version of “Cinderella”, the theme is that people get what they deserve. Cinderella, “remained pious and good,” while the Stepmother and Stepsisters were evil. The Stepmother and Stepsisters got what they deserved and, “for their wickedness and falsehood, they were punished with blindness” (para. 65). Lastly in the Disney 2015 film, the theme is to have courage and be kind. Cinderella was kind to everyone even her stepmother and stepsisters, even though they were mean to her. Cinderella also had a lot of courage to stay in the house because her parents loved the house. Cinderella married the prince and had a happy ending, because she had courage and was kind while her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters were exiled from the kingdom. All of these themes are essentially about karma and how if someone is kind and work hard then they will be rewarded, but if someone is mean and lazy it will come back to haunt them. Essentially the themes are all about what goes around comes around. The biggest difference is the Grimm Brother’s “Cinderella” theme sends a message of vengeance while the themes of the Little Golden Book, and film have no negative connotation. A common archetype in all three versions of Cinderella is water. An
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