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From generation to generation stories are always changing. Fairy tales like Cinderella go from mean step sisters to nice sisters, fairy god mother to a tree. After reading 5 different versions of Cinderella I had to choose which I would decide to read, above the others to my favorite child. After difficult thinking I have chosen the Walt Disney’s version of Cinderella for many great reasons. I have chosen the Walt Disney’s version because I feel it is the most fitting for children over all the others which are best suitable for older teens.
Walt Disney’s version is the ideal story beginning with “Once upon a time” and ending with “lived in the palace and were happy ever after, too”. The fairy tale story of pretty girl by the name of
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This story starts off stating 4 extremely short but successful stories then leading into Cinderella which in my opinion isn’t needed to understand the story. As the story goes on in line 32 they refer to Cinderella looking like Al Jolson, which no kid would understand causing another story within a story about who Al Jolson is. In Walt Disney’s Cinderella, Cinderella is forced to try the slipper on, after her sisters try it on and are unsuccessful. In both “Cinderella” by Anne Sexton, and “Cinderella” by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, the step sisters decide to cut body parts to fit into the slipper. One cutting a toe off and the other cutting part of her heel off, until not long after, with help from the fairy god mother, or Cinderella’s mother that the prince finds out. I feel that blood and cutting off body parts because you don’t fit the characteristics you want so you can be with a man isn’t a good trait to teach your children. Lastly In both “Cinderella” by Anne Sexton, and “Cinderella” by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, the fairy (mother) were doves who pecked the eyes out of both step sisters for the way they treated Cinderella. The step sisters treated Cinderella horrible but did not deserve to have their eyes pecked out. This teaches children a bad lesson as well as giving them a horrible view to picture. Clearly you can now understand why I have chosen what I have. After reading all 5

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