Cinderella, By Charles Perrault

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In Charles Perrault’s “Cinderella,” there are many different ways he conveys goodness being a magical thing in people’s hearts. When reading it, it is easy to point out how he thinks kindness is the most important thing it one’s life. In Maria Tatar’s “An Introduction to Fairy Tales,” she talks about fairy tales being an escape to children. She states that there is a world of imagination in fairy tales that takes reality and makes it exciting and adventurous. She also mentions that fairy tales help influence the way people look at certain things and the paths they choose. “Cinderella,” by Charles Perrault, is a story that inspires all kinds of people to focus on inner beauty in order to get their happily ever after. “Cinderella,” by Charles Perrault is a piece of writing that seems to be an average fairy tale. The name “Cinderella” is a name known throughout the world; it is known by a variation of people ranging from kids to adults. We associate this name with the average fairy tale. When looking at this particular story of Cinderella, it is clear that it is the story of the house maiden who ends up living happily ever after. The main point of “Cinderella” is that when someone is a good person and they live a life of kindness, good things happen to them. For example, throughout the story Perrault hints to the idea of Cinderella being beautiful and having a good heart, “Cinderella, in spite of her mean apparel, was a hundred times more handsome than her sisters, though…
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