Cinderella Differences And Cinderella Compare

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Cinderella Compare and Contrast Essay
Many people wonder where all the Cinderella stories originated from? They originated from the most popular version written in French by Charles Perrault written in 1607. The Little Golden book, the Grimm brothers version and the 2015 Disney Film version of Cinderella are all taken from the original story. All Cinderella stories have the same storyline, but there are differences and similarities between the archetypes and the characters and in the theme in the three versions.
There are lots of archetypes seen throughout all three versions. An archetype that is shown is circles, which means wholeness and unity. An example of circles from The Little Golden Book is “A pumpkin rose up and swelled into an elegant coach”(6). This shows that Cinderella's life is becoming complete because the coach takes her the ball, which is where she meets the price she marries. Another example of circles is the sun rise in the morning this is shown in the Grimms version “There she had to do hard work from morning until evening ….” ( paragraph 6). This shows wholeness in the morning when the sunrises being the sun is becoming whole and its a circle. Likewise in the Little Golden Book, the Fairy Godmother turned the pumpkin into an elegant coach that she road to the ball as projectiled in the 2015 Disney movie. This shows that her life is coming complete because she has found her destiny which is the price she meets at the ball.
The theme is all three versions are similar but also have their own differences. The theme in the Little Golden Book is hard work and kindness pays off. An example of this is “Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after”(12). This shows the them by the hard work Cinderella had to do at home and also it means that because of all the hard work she got a reward which was to marry the prince and live the life of her dreams. The theme for the 2015 Disney movie is “Have Courage and be kind”. This was shown throughout the movie when Cinderella’s mom told her have courage and be kind just before she died. Also this is seen right before the prince's father died and tells his the same message. Cinderella acted this way mainly because she was the princess not by blood,
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