Cinderella Man American Dream

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“Forget all the reasons it won 't work and believe the one reason that it will.” Unknown. This quote from an unknown author perfectly addresses what I believe a critical step for attaining the American Dream is. To focus on the reasons someone cannot achieve something will only lead to disaster, but when someone takes the one reason why they can succeed, they do. There is no better representation of this and the American Dream than the movie Cinderella Man. It shows that no matter how bad things are, no matter how many reasons there are to lose faith in yourself, those who believe can overcome any adversities and find the “American Dream.”
Cinderella Man is a story that takes place during the Great Depression, and features an ordinary
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The underdog from the slums in New Jersey pushed his way to the top, taking down even the most renowned foes and becoming a glimmer of hope and determination for the people of America. He not only won the title of world champion, but lived the American Dream at a time where the country was at its darkest.
This is in essence the purest form of the American Dream that I’ve seen. It’s an idea that no matter how terrible life is, if you have the willpower and hope, anything can be achieved. This is what the American Dream truly is to me. While it may be true that the way the American Dream is embodied changes through generations, i.e. the fight to be acknowledged in October Sky, the essence is still the same. The American Dream is to be able to live, work, thrive, and be whatever you set your mind to. This essence of the American Dream is everything to me because just a few short months ago the concept of the American Dream meant nothing to me. It was just a thing my mother talked about at dinner, or a fable that seemed to irrelevant to notice, but that all changed when I opened my eyes to the real meaning behind it all. It made me feel like there was a purpose to the chaos, it made it all feel real.
This is especially attributed to Cinderella man, as it showed just how important the American Dream is, but it showed just how powerful it could be as well. In Cinderella Man,
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