Cinderella Man Analysis

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The movie Cinderella Man is a biographical film of boxer James J. Braddock that illustrates his struggle through the Great Depression. Movies often exaggerate the suffering of the Great Depression or just gloss over it, but Cinderella Man accurately shows the prevailing attitude of the time through the facial expressions of the actors and the obstacles they overcome. In the film, the people on the street and in the crowd in the boxing arenas appear worried and never smile. The only time that people appear happy is while watching the excitement of a boxing match. This shows how important sporting events like boxing were to a public which had very little to cheer about. In a time when few people had television sets in their houses, listening to a boxing match on the radio let people imagine the fights through their own interpretations in their heads. The movie correctly shows how boxing was a temporary shelter from the suffering for many.
One specific example of true representation is the scenes at the docks where men line up at the fences begging to be chosen to work for one day’s salary. Another scene that accurately shows the Depression Era is the scene of the families in the huge lines for relief money. The lines stretched out the door and down the street and the charities and relief centers would often run out of money before everyone was helped. The viewer feels Braddock’s embarrassment as he waits in line to borrow money from the relief center, and then has to visit

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