Cinderella Narrative Story

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The moment that Cinderella walked into our lives, everything changed–for the worst. I fell in love with a man who was always very kind and caring. He told me how he faced a huge tragedy when his wife died and he was left to be the sole provider for his daughter. I, of course, understood the pain he was in because my husband left us and I was alone with my two daughters. We didn’t have anything for a long time, but after working very hard in a bakery, I was able to afford a humble abode with two rooms for my girls and I. After having known and loved Lord Tremaine, we got married just six months into our relationship. He would always bring his horse to visit my girls and would tell them that he was so excited to be their father if they allowed him; my daughter loved him as if he was their own dad. I was unlucky, and never got to meet Cinderella because she was either too busy to come meet us, or I was working and we just couldn't meet each other before the wedding. How I wish I would have met her before; our lives wouldn’t have been this miserable if I hadn’t. When I first saw Cinderella, I was amazed at how strikingly beautiful she was. This young lady had pricing hazel eyes, a full head of long blond hair, did not wear an ounce of makeup but managed to look as if her skin glowed. She wore a beautiful red gown that fit like a glove and she had the kindest smile. I was embraced by her the moment she saw me and she told me how glad she was to be getting a mom. I was so happy
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