Cinderella-Personal Narrative

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Devlin sneered in annoyance at the princesses' little performance. Was there no end to this girl's annoyance? The wretched thing was becoming far more trouble than she could possibly be worth. Perhaps it would be easily simply to slip a hemp noose around that slender neck and dangle her from the castle walls, along with many others of her class who now ornamented the battlements like strange fruit. But then, that would deny him the satisfaction of breaking her. The harder she fought back, the more he wanted to see her grovel. That was almost all Devlin could think of it and it was consuming him. Perhaps a new tactic was in order, he pondered thoughtfully, as he watched her through the grill of the prison door. Idly he chewed on his chafed bottom lip, then turned to one of his men guarding the passage. "Go down to the sewer level, bring up a gaggle of the madwomen from down there. Quickly now, and carefully. Take a few of you…show more content…
One of their number disappeared into the black during the mission, never to be seen again. Those who did return would never forget the endless hour they spend down there. But they managed to noose and chain five of them - naked, white-eyed drooling creatures barely recognizable as human. Their nails were a long and savage as knives, and their teeth had been sharped to fangs on bones and stone. More than anything they resembled ghouls; their flesh was so pallid the veins could be seen beneath and their hair strung down in matted clumps. Devlin threw open the cell door, grinning wickedly at the bound and gagged girl. "You have company, princess!" he jeered as the naked, frothing madwomen were kicked and shoved into her cell. "We'll leave you to become acquainted for a few hours, or so. Perhaps when I return you will be a little more obliging to your hosts! He slammed the door shut with a loud metallic rang, its cold sound as loud and hollow as the savage laughter of the
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