Cinderella Short Story Essay

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The story of Cinderella is a fairytale involving a girl who has lost her mother and is left with only her father. The two had a very close relationship, until one day the father met and married another woman. The woman had along with her, two daughters of her very own. All seems okay until one day; Cinderella’s father passes away. Since Cinderella had only her father, she was left with her stepmother and two step sisters. Cinderella was suddenly mistreated by her new family and was deemed the “house maid.” She was left in charge of all of the house chores. Being that Cinderella was in charge of all of the chores, this gave her a chance to bond with all of the animals in the house.
From birds to horses to mice, Cinderella grew a close
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The mice hear that Cinderella needed a dress, so they begin to make a dress for her out of the scraps of unwanted clothes from the stepsisters. To Cinderella’s surprise, she is presented with a beautiful dress made by the mice. As Cinderella puts the dress on, the Stepmother is surprised that she had a dress. Upset, the two sisters and stepmother start to rip Cinderella’s dress piece by piece. Cinderella then runs down to the basement to cry. As Cinderella is crying, she is distracted by what appeared to be her fairy godmother. Her fairy godmother granted Cinderella the opportunity to go to the ball with a beautiful dress and other assistance. She was kind hearted and super sweet to Cinderella, giving her hope. The fairy godmother however had one condition. She informed Cinderella that she had until midnight to be back from the ball, unless she wanted to be obviously seen by her stepsisters and stepmother. Cinderella agrees and heads to the ball, where she meets and shares a lovely dance with the prince. The prince falls in love with Cinderella, but is unable to catch her name as she runs off in order to make it back home by midnight. Leaving behind no trace but her glass slipper, the prince is worried he may never see who might have been his potential wife. The prince sends out a notice the next morning, stating that he was setting out to look for the mystery women he danced with at the ball. He would find her by
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