Cinderella Stories

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Cinderella Stories Lesson Plan
Sherryl Green
Grand Canyon University: RDG:585
October 8, 2012

Lesson Plan
Cinderella Stories

ABSTRACT In this study of Cinderella Stories, second grade students will use charts and diagrams to discover the similarities and differences among stories. Students will develop writing skills using descriptive language and details. They will strengthen their comprehension skills through the use of magical Cinderella tales from different lands and apply map skills in learning which country each story comes from. These magical tales will help students to develop awareness that different Cinderella tales have much in common.

Class comparison Chart
Graphic Organizers:
Venn Diagram
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• The students will analyze similarities and differences of Cinderella like characters. • Students will demonstrate their understanding of story elements by writing their own Cinderella story.
1. Ask students “What makes a Cinderella story?”
Discuss what every Cinderella story must have.
Explain to students that many countries have their own Cinderella Stories. Today we will read a Cinderella story about an Indian Girl. We will look at the differences and similarities compared to the Traditional Cinderella. 2. Review story elements using the Cinderella chart. 3. Read aloud: The Rough Faced Girl. 4. As a class add The Rough-Faced Girl story elements and information to the class Cinderella Chart 5. Locate Ontario Canada on the world map and place a map pin identifying its location.
Reading and Writing 1. Divide students into peer partners to compare and contrast Cinderella and The Rough-Faced Girl using a Venn Diagram.
Independent Reading 1. Make a book mark for “The Rough-Faced Girl” using the book mark template.

Literature Groups 1. Students work in literature groups to research a country of their choice, and write a Cinderella story from that country. Remind students to consider how the setting and plot will change due to the unique features of the chosen country. 2. Literature groups will present their country and Cinderella story in a presentation format of their choice. (Literature

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