Cinderella Syndrome Essay

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Cinderella Syndrome

I think the time has come for someone to write “Cinderella: The Sequel.”
How did we get here? In 1697, French writer Charles Perrault updated an age-old fairy tale about a young woman named Cinderella to appeal to his contemporaries, French nobility and bourgeoisie. So many of the early versions of the tale boasted a very resourceful young woman who played an active role in her destiny. Perrault, however wrote his Cinderella as a well-mannered, docile, selfless women who would fit seamlessly with the ideal 17th century upper-class society. Historically, fairy tales have reflected the values of society in which they were written or revised mirroring its preoccupations, obsessions, ambitions, and shortcomings. What do
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As I imagine it, we’d joined by Cinderella and the Handsome Prince shortly after they returned from their honeymoon. We would see them discover how different their tastes and priorities were when they go shopping to furnish the palace. We would see them run up bills and debts by trying to do much too fast, and they’d fight about whose fault their extravagances had been.
Common sense and love would prevail. They’d get on a budget and the storm would pass. A couple of years into the marriage, the Handsome Prince would get involved with a merger and acquisitions of the neighboring county, and he’d be gone a lot on business trips.
The stress and loneliness of long separations would lead to disagreements, but again love would prevail. Then a child would be born to Cinderella and the Prince meaning more stress. The child would be diagnosed with a learning disability and Cinderella and the Prince would each wonder whether the cause might have been the other’s having parties too hard in their younger days.
Their feelings of guilt and blame would generate into quarrels. A second child would be born. More changes and more stress. Cinderella’s mother in-law would sometimes interfere and criticize their parenting. Bickering would continue and get worse.
Then Cinderella and the Handsome Prince would go to a marriage counselor. They tried to learn to appreciate each other’s different points of view. They also, tried to learn

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