Cinderella: The Grimm Brothers vs. Walt Disney

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There is a huge difference between Grimm's version of Cinderella and that of Disney'. The two different versions, in fact, represent the idea of social construction of knowledge or that social reality varies according to the times one lives in, so that the two different versions reflect different perspectives of the different periods. Grimm's Cinderella talks about a maiden who grieves for her dead mother. She has an adoring relationship with her father and a closeness with nature. There is a certain medieval atmosphere to the entire story that is utterly missing int eh later version. The birds listen to her wishes. Cinderella frequents her mother's grave. The godmother is missing and instead we have the birds and the tree that supply her with her splendor. Little details too differ such as Cinderella's appearing a nd vanishing form the the ball thrice, instead of the once as mentioned in Disney's tale, and the pigeons' denouncing the stepsisters and escorting Cinderella at the end of the story. The thematic difference throughout one cay say is Cinderella's grief for her mother,a nd the presence of the pigeons. Disney's version, on eh other hand, is a more dramatic ensemble of a miserable wrench sitting by the fire, bullied by her stepsisters and stepmother,a nd receiving the bounty of a godmother. Exit the father's devotion, and the attention of the pigeons,a s well as the whole medieval atmosphere of cutting off heels and toes. Disney's version is a less

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