Cinderella Vs The Poor Turkey Girl

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Cinderella Vs The Poor Turkey Girl
It is the year 2006 and a little girl sits on the living room floor listening to her mom read Cinderella to her. She is clad in a sparkling blue “ball gown” replicated after Cinderella’s. She eagerly listens as the beautiful glass slipper slips perfectly onto Cinderella’s foot. The little girl 's heart is warmed when Cinderella and the Prince live happily every after, and she too daydreams about the day that she will meet her prince and live happily ever after. That little girl was me. I always looked up to how Cinderella worked so very hard, and the hard work and kind heart were rewarded with a happily ever after. If I had known about The Poor Turkey Girl story as a kid, I would never want to read it because even though the poor girl worked very hard and had a kind heart, she was rewarded with nothing and instead punished by being forced to be lonely the rest of her life. This is just one of many reasons why the Cinderella story has better qualities than the Poor Turkey Girl Story. Although the main setting of The Poor Turkey Girl is drastically different from the Cinderella setting, the two protagonists both overcome many difficulties with help from very different characters, but even so only Cinderella results in a heartwarming ending.
To begin, we have the setting. The settings in the two separate stories could not have been more different. We first have Cinderella, beginning mainly inside an exquisite manor house with marvelous rooms

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