Cinderella's Stepmother Not so Evil After All

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A Walk in Her Shoes; the Stepmother not Cinderella
Did you ever notice that “happily ever after” seems to only take place in fairy tales? In the real world, couples get married, have children and, more often than not, end up getting divorced. The time following divorce can be lonely but many people will enjoy the time alone. Eventually, a search begins for a new mate and ultimately they will remarry. Sometimes the new spouse also has children and this creates a blended family, such as in the story “Cinderella” by Charles Perrault. Although it may seem more difficult for stepchildren to become accustomed to their new stepparent, the role of stepmother is usually the most challenging and can be overly stressful. Stepmothers are simply
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That was when she knew she would have to plan her evening accordingly. She would have to leave the ball before midnight, maybe even earlier, and try to get home before everyone else did so they didn’t know she had been gone.
She had become an expert at slipping out and running away; no one could catch her. Even when the Prince tried to walk her home, she managed to get away from him and slid into the dovecote (Grimm 630-631). In a worried attempt to find her, the men even broke into the dovecote using an axe trying desperately to find her but in the end they found it empty. “The Prince followed her, but he could not catch her up” (Perrault 627). As if the previous night was not hard enough, she would have a similar situation to get out of the next evening. During the next escape from the ball, she slipped away and climbed up a pear tree. “She climbed among the branches as nimbly as a squirrel and the King’s son didn’t know what had become of her” (Grimm 631). The tree was eventually chopped down only to reveal that nobody was in it. Even after losing her precious glass slipper, the object of her quest was to not be identified and she had to leave the glass slipper behind. She had honed her
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