Cindy (Pseudonym) Is An Eight-Year-Old African-American

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Cindy (pseudonym) is an eight-year-old African-American female who is in 3rd grade and has attended the after-school program since May 2016 at Hope Gardens Community Center (HG) in Brooklyn, New York. HG provides after-school programs for pre-K to high school students. Cindy appears to be slightly shorter and skinnier than her peers and always wears a neatly maintained school uniform. When the intern initially met Cindy, she was quiet but expressed her opinions lucidly. The after-school program teacher referred Cindy to art therapy due to her self-harm ideations and attempts. It is reported that she verbalized a desire to “disappear” and wished she did not “exist.” She scratched her arm to harm herself and threatened to smash her…show more content…
Cindy asks her mother about her father on holidays, such as if he is coming or not. Cindy’s mother does not have a new partner and is very protective of her daughter. Her mother stopped working so she can be present and support her daughter. They currently receive Food Stamps, which provides food assistance for low-income New Yorkers in supplementing the cost of their diet with nutritious foods. Her mother is very invested in supporting and finding support services for her daughter. Cindy recently lost her dog and cat; she mentioned that her mother gave them away and did not know the reason. The art therapy session is held every Tuesday at a small space in the gym. When the intern picked her up from her class, she did not look the intern and walked fast to the art therapy room. At the room, she stated that she had a “worst day at everywhere.” The intern checked in with her, but she did not share in detail. A sample of a doll and art materials were provided. Cindy asked the intern if she can take it to home, and the intern reminded her the rules. She did not respond and began to make the doll without words. Cindy appeared to be unmotivated to do art but followed the direction. In the process, Cindy required an assistance of the intern because of her clumsy hand movement. While the intern helped her, she expressed the feeling of frustration. She often mentioned “you do it… you are much better than me... you make it
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