Cindy's Dilemmas

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Cindy to ensure the meeting went smoothly with no surprises. It would have been advisable for Cliff to familiarize Sonja with her role in the company as an assistant property manager and also familiarize her with the other employees she would be working with. As a new employ, it would not be uncommon to see Sonja attempting to make her mark on the company, as seen in many different working environments. As her supervisor, Cliff should have briefed Cindy about the company, the tasks she is expected to take care of and how each of these tasks are to be handled, the employees she would be working with and their background. Proper training and a good understanding of her role and the company would allow for smooth functioning without any kind of disturbance. Even if an event was taking place, as supervisor, Cliff is expected to intervene, instead of being a silent witness. As supervisor, Cliff should have intervened as soon as it…show more content…
After the investigation, if Heather finds Cindy to not be responsible for what had occurred, she should advise her the same and have her reinstated immediately. Heather should remind Cliff of his authority over Sonja and Cindy and make him understand what is expected from him when such situations arise. He too, needs to remember that there is a structure of authority that needs to be respected. Heather should further investigate to see if Sonja had actually meant Cindy to be fired and if that were the case, Heather should then remind Sonja what the proper procedure for a termination is. But if Sonja did not actually mean Cindy to be fired, she then has to be advised to have made an attempt to clear herself out when Cindy was seen leaving the
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