Cinematic History Essay

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In an industry that’s been around for over one hundred thirty years and grosses over ten billion dollars a year, there’s got to be an interesting history to go with it (Film). Let me take you back to a time before seven dollar popcorn, before blu ray, and before television was even invented. When going to the movies was a luxury in itself. No special effects or computer generated images. The early stages of the invention of cinema which was essentially just moving pictures, started during the ending of the 19th century. The radio was invented around that time, but it was not accessible for home use until later. So the people of that time had to go stage shows to be entertained, such as vaudeville shows, or operas, or plays.…show more content…
The Edison Laboratory worked on a motion picture viewer called the Kinetoscope, which would later be improved by other inventors into what is now known as a projector. Edison’s Kinetoscope was patented in 1891 but wasn’t fully completed until 1892. People questioned how involved Edison actually was in the making of the kinetoscope because Edison’s assistants William Kennedy Laurie Dickinson and his team of workers were put to the task of inventing the kinetoscope. The Kinetoscope created the illusion of a moving picture by rapidly passing a film between a light bulb and a lens that the viewer would see by looking through a peep-hole. The kinetoscope prototype was first presented to a group of women at the convention for the National Federation of Women’s Club in 1891 (Edison). The improved version of Edison’s Kinetoscope was developed by Thomas Armat and Charles Francis Jenkins. Together they invented one of the most effective motion picture projectors of their day which they called the Phantascope. It was a projector that allowed the images to be projected on a screen so viewers didn’t have to use a peephole to view it (Kiel 47). In 1894. It took a lot of ideas from different inventors to perfect the Phantascope, the next two “evolutions” of the Phantascope would be the Eidoloscope which was invented in 1895 by Woodville Latham. The Lumiere brothers patented and invented the Cinematographe which
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