Cinnamon Essay

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     I closed my eyes and sat quietly in the classroom. The slightest scent of cinnamon in the air and I was stuck. It was like turning back the hands of time to the most beautiful Autumn season I could remember. The aroma painted a picture in my mind that was so realistic every one of my senses were triggered.            The first sense that my brain detected was my sense of smell. I could smell holiday baking in the kitchen. Other things that I could smell were Big Red Gum, cinnamon buns, cinnamon pop tarts, gingerbread, pumpkin pie, basically I could smell any fragrance associated with just plain cinnamon.      With my eyes still shut, I…show more content…
Leaves falling off the tree’s and children jumping in the raked leave piles. Pumpkin patches growing in the neighbors garden sparked a curiosity of wanting to pick them. The fall colors remain in my mind whenever I think of autumn.      In the fall the weather is typically cool to cold, sometimes windy. That is if you are located anywhere near Massachusetts. I remember a fall season which I spent in Washington D.C. Outdoors playing in the park I could feel the crisp air chilling my body with each gust of wind. It was so cold that fall that my cheeks, nose, and ears turned bright red. For this brief moment still sitting silent in class I could feel chills up my spine just thinking of how cold it was.      Although the classroom was quiet I could hear otherwise. I let my imagination take over and I heard all kinds of sounds. I could hear the front door squeaking as the wind blew it opened and closed. There was noise from the tree branches rattling. Often I could hear the hooves of a horse clattering against the pavement. The noisy neighbors leave blower sounded an annoying buzz making it hard to concentrate from time to time. There are many different noises I hear when I reminisce about autumn.      When I concentrated hard enough I could actually taste the foods which I had previously smelled. Pumpkin pie is my favorite food around the fall season, it always has been. Reminiscing back to
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