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WOBBLY WHEELS | November 29 2014 | | Memo | Contents Introduction and Purpose: 2 Leadership Philosophy: 2 Current IT department Structure: 4 New CIO organization: 5 Key Services: 6 New CIO Organization Structure: 6 Key Milestones: 8 Conclusion: 9 References 10 To: Chief Financial Officer From: Chief Information Officer Date: November 29, 2014 RE: Wobbly Wheels IT Organizational Changes Introduction and Purpose: Over the past few years growth, of WW has not increased and it has remained stagnant due to the slow growth of the economy. In order to improve the growth of the organization, a few IT organizational changes are required that will help streamline the internal processes for WW to improve the…show more content…
IT organizational restructure includes; hiring 3 more application developers and hiring two more people in the networking team in order to reduce the number of the networking issues for the applications maintained within WW. Application developers will decrease development time of the applications. Current implemented technology for the accounting processes, route optimization, freight tracking and fleet maintenance will need to be improved. All these applications are based on an older technology. In order to improve the overall functionality and to reduce the cost associated with IT requires the organization to implement a cloud computing based ERP solution systems. This system will improve the overall performance and will reduce the cost associated with the implementation. The cloud based applications can be accessed from anywhere and anyone authorized to access the system can access the system easily. The next set of changes that are required in the internal IT strategies are the improvement in the internal processes; all the internal operations are managed in a better way through the new systems. The new systems are targeted to improve the overall operations within the organization (Chand, S 2014). The next change in the IT internal strategy is the IT portfolio. IT portfolio includes implementation of the
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