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Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis Congenital Insensitivity to Pain is a very amazing disease. I chose to report on the specific section of it dealing with Anhidrosis because this also leaves the infected individual with the inability to sweat. This causes problems such as fevers and overheating from over exertion or external heat which in turn can cause brain damage. Many people affected by this disease die before the age of twenty-five from infections left untreated, metal retardation, overheating, and freezing. This leaves the field of exploration in finding a cure very narrow because people treated die too early to show direct connections to any of their treatment. Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis…show more content…
In this situation, going to the restroom and eating are the same, they are both annoying things that CIPA patients do not feel the need for but must do to survive. People affected with CIPA usually have bodily problems and are unaware of it. Their inability to experience pain lets them overuse their bones and joints leading to fractures and dislocations. They usually inspect themselves for bruising and swelling and if either is found it is closely watched and investigated. They cannot tell what a good water temperature would be for a bath, or washing dishes, or even drinking. Being without the immediate knowledge of a wrong bodily function or bodily harm, leads to many of the deaths of the infected people. CIPA patients have an absence of normal responses to noxius stimuli that are in people with regular nervous systems. CIPA is the result of a defect in a neural crest differentiation and the system responsible for pain and body temperature is lost. Nociceptive neurons in the dorsal root ganglia derive from the neural crest and they can only survive if they are stimulated by NGF through TrkA. Mutations in the TrkA gene have shown a correlation with the defective development of the nociceptive neurons. The best resource for a case study came from Ms.C. Her dad was a doctor and was aware of her CIPA so he asked his colleagues in
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