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Individual and environmental factors that impact on adult learning INDIVIDUAL ENVIRONEMENTAL POSITIVE Diversity: Adults have experiences that influence their learning, and sharing their life story with other learners makes a training session more interesting by engaging into conversation. Creating a positive learning environment: Make sure that the room temperature is adequate, enough chairs for everyone to sit comfortable and making all the learners feeling relaxed during the entire session. NEGATIVE Language: Having a session with multicultural adults can cause confusion and misunderstanding with some learners. It is important to ask questions if they understood everything and also speak slow and clear. Location of venue: As all…show more content…
6. Adult learners like to be respected. Learners opinions, experiences and views are discussed and valued. Providing a great customer service is important for every business to be successful, regardless of the size. Every HR practitioner needs to understand the basics of customer service: how to communicate effectively with customers, why body language is essential while communicating and also how to deal with a difficult customer when they have a complaint. The human resources department exists to deal with issues such as health insurance, compensation packages, training and other issues that can be complicated and confusing to many employees. Because human resources professionals deal with these issues on a daily basis, they often understand them far better than most other employees and can sometimes not realize how confusing they can really be to those who are less involved in them. When human resources professionals appear impatient with employee questions, they can damage the overall morale of employees and contribute to higher turnover. HR is also responsible for the hiring process in many companies, so the performance of HR staff in dealing with job applicants can greatly affect the company's ability to recruit top quality people. Also important is that providing a good customer service is not only essential in business but it can also be used in everyday life. For example how to act and talk at a job interview or helping out a friend who is going

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