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Tracy King

3DLA Reflective Statement

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Learning environment – I chose to arrange the room in a horse-shoe shape with participants seated behind desks. This enabled everyone to have a clear view of the screen for my power-point point and video presentations. The desks were needed as the icebreaker and activities required making written notes. I provided fish shaped biscuits and sweets to promote the FISH theme and ensured participants had pens, post-it notes and paper required for the activities and icebreaker.
I began my session my introducing everyone to Nemo swimming in his bowl of water. This was to attract their attention and give the indication that this session was informal and
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* Has anyone heard of FISH?

This question helped me to establish knowledge of the subject within the group. This was important to perform a formative assessment and establish the achievement of my learning objectives.

* Think of a job you would hate to do and why? * How do you think people survive doing this job?
The purpose of this question was to make learners think about how you can deal with a task you don’t enjoy doing. Would they moan and be miserable or choose to be upbeat and complete the task in a positive manner.

* Who are you being while you are doing what you are doing? * How do you feel when you are ignored? * How do you feel when someone gives their full attention?
The purpose of this question was to encourage the group to think about how they feel when someone is rude or ignores them opposed to how they feel when someone gives them full attention and how attitudes can be ‘contagious’.

* How does your organization bring ‘fun’ to work? * Is having fun frowned upon at work?
These questions enable learners to contemplate the meaning of ‘fun’ at work. What would be acceptable or appropriate in their working environment?
Understanding that PLAY is a spirit and can be implemented in small, simple ways such as dress down days or charity fund
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