Cipd 3hrc Activity 2

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3HRC Activity 2 Tracy King


I have been asked to provide a report that supports the retention of the HR function within our organisation. In this report I will explain how Human Resource activities support the organisations strategy and how HR professionals support line managers and their staff.


The strategies adopted by our organisation can be influenced by both internal and external factors. HR are involved in the initial planning process and assisted with the formation of a business plan detailing objectives for departments to achieve.
HR liaise between management and employees to ensure that policies and procedures are applied fairly and consistently and interaction with the HR department is
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Activities include: * Development of an induction program to welcome new employees and introduce them to our organisation * Employee evaluations and skills assessments to ensure our staff are producing the maximum output of work to the highest standards * Facilitation of specific learning events and workshops * Recommend appropriate options to suit learning needs, taking into account learning styles and methods of delivery available. * Advise, coach and mentor employees on our development infrastructure and promote the advantages of development plans for all staff * Keep detailed records of talent data and career plans, support individuals to realize their potential. * Capture, analyse and evaluate learning events to ensure we are continuously improving the effectiveness of training delivery. * Work with third party providers to deliver specialist training to agreed standards.


An effective performance management procedure enables line managers to evaluate and measure individual performance and therefore optimize productivity by aligning their goals with business objectives. Many of the practices that support performance improvement also impact positively on job satisfaction, retention and loyalty of our employees.
HR activities include: * Setting and communicating clear performance expectations (effective
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