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CIPD – 3MER – Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations. It is important when employing someone new to create a good working relationship from the beginning there are both internal and external factors that can impact and effect employment relationships. An internal factor could be a good benefits and incentives package if it is a desirable package it may create a hardworking staff force from the beginning of the employment, for example an enhanced maternity package could see you hold onto valued members of staff. The management style and employee progression are also internal factors if the company has a positive management style that enables them to build good relationships with the employees and they then recognise…show more content…
The employment contact will set out the working hours and they will be unable to decline work. The employer will need to provide written employment particulars all employees are subject to disciplinary procedures if required. An employee will use company equipment and will be employed for an indefinite time. See point 2 Appendix Workers will also work to the terms of a contract, they will usually carry out the work personally. Workers will include casual work, agency work, freelance work and seasonal work. Workers are entitled to some employment rights including, national minimum wage, holiday pay, protection against unlawful discrimination, the right not to be treated less favourably if they work part-time. See point 2 Appendix Self-employed people will run their own business, they will be contracted to provide a service their clients. They will not be paid through PAYE and they do not have the same employment rights as employees or workers, Self-employed people will however still have protection for their health and safety on a client’s premises, they will have their rights and responsibilities set out in the terms of the contract with the client. They will not be entitled to holiday pay. They may however in some cases be classed as self-employed for tax purposes but classed as an employee or worker for employment rights. See point 2 Appendix It is important to clearly

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