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Investigation of Absence Data As a manager in a Contact Centre, unplanned absence causes issues. I have collected the absence data across the four departments within the Contact Centre for the same time period in 2011 and 2012. (January – September) |Absence Data 2011/2012 | Department |Employee |Salary PA |Daily pay rate |No of Sick Days 2012 |Cost of sick to business 2012 |No of Sick Days 2011 |Cost of Sick to the business 2011 | |Inbound |Agent 1 |15000 |57.69 |1 |57.69 |3 |173.07 | | |Agent 2 |15000 |57.69 |0 |0 |2 |115.38 | | |Agent 3 |15000 |57.69 |4 |230.76 |2 |115.38 | | |Agent 4 |15000 |57.69 |0 |0 |1 |57.69 | |…show more content…
At the start of 2012 the company introduced a “no sick benefit” i.e. if an agent has no sickness from January – June they gain 1 extra day of holiday and if there is no sickness from July – December then a further 1 day of holiday is granted. This could be a reason for the general improvement. I have chosen not to look into Customer Services Department as the absence was just one person for one period of three days and is therefore not an issue. The Analysis has concluded that the Quotes & Tenders Team absences’ in 2012 have gone up by 74% from the same time period in 2011. Analysing the return to work interview forms, all of the absences are short and for reasons of either upset stomach or cold/flu. This department has had 3 managers within the past year and constant process and KPI changes. The moral of the team is low and they don’t have the same work ethic as the rest of the department due to these factors. The Senior Management Team have been presented with this data and analysis. They

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