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Developing Yourself as an Effective Practitioner Contents This assignment is broken down into a number of sections as per the below: Activity 1 – The HR Profession Map Activity 2 – Providing Effective and Timely Service. Activity 3 – My Personal Development Plan. Activity 4 – Unit Feedback and Reflection. Activity 1 – The HR Profession Map This report covers outputs from the HR Profession Map for the role of the Training & Development Advisor at Next Distribution. The CIPD have developed the HR Map and this is split into 10 professional areas, 8 behaviours and 4 bands. Having reviewed the map I believe my role within Next distribution sits predominantly at band 2 with some areas of the map being at band 1 and 3. The CIPD…show more content…
Leading then to increased credibility within the organisation. * Role models – be able to coach and mentor managers and trainers within the warehouse, People value my input and seek my ideas and suggestions when key decisions need to be made regarding not only Learning and Development but other operational decisions. * Personally credible - leading by example, people value my opinion and ask for help and advice in a variety of situations and I can be relied upon to deliver on promises. * Decisive thinker – I am able to provide reliable solutions to problems and am able to make informed decisions based on facts available at the time. * Collaborative - I'm a good team player with the view of looking for win-win outcomes to situations involving others. Supportive of new ideas and value people’s involvement and ideas. * Skilled influencer - I believe by having the relevant supporting facts and information, I am able to influence colleagues at all levels. I like to involve others where applicable at agreeing the end goal. * Curious - constantly looking for the next big thing whether this be the next announcements restructure or new role. I take time out from time to time to reflect and research what else we can do different or better. Activity 2 – Providing Effective and Timely Service. My role within Next Distribution means I have many differing customers; these

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