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Assessment 4DEP – Activity A CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is a means of supporting people in the workplace to understand more about the environment in which they work, the job they do and how to do it better. As an initiative, CPD was largely unknown until at least the 1960s. Professional bodies only started to take systematic steps to ensure their members continue their development on an ongoing basis within the last ten to fifteen years of the twentieth century. Recognition of the need for CPD is now well-established at least among the majority of professional bodies. CPD is an ongoing process throughout our working lives. The concept of CPD both generically and within HR is very important as it can be part of…show more content…
Curious This is the need to look at what may happen in the future and finding ways of developing innovative ways to add value to the organisation. Decisive thinker: This person demonstrates the ability to use knowledge and judgement in order to identify options and make day-to-day decisions. 30 July 2012 Assessment 4DEP – Activity A Skilled influencer: A person who demonstrates this ability shows that they can put forward logical suggestions, which can in turn influence stakeholders’ commitment and support for changes and/or development of new policies. Driven to deliver: This shows the ability to identify required steps in order to achieve agreed objectives, which will allow the delivery of best results for the organisation. Collaborative: In demonstrating this ability, you show that you have the ability to get to know people, how they work, what their feelings / beliefs are etc. – both inside and outside the organisation – and utilise that contact knowledge in the best way to support colleagues and the business. Personally credible: This behaviour shows that you have the ability to consistently deliver on your promises and commitments, whilst taking responsibility for your actions. If you demonstrate this, colleagues are more likely to trust your judgement. Courage to challenge: This demonstrates that you have the courage to speak up, challenge others, or ask

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