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3RAI Activity 1 Introduction Data management is vital to any business as this is a key tool to an organisations business improvement, as you can refer back to data, and compare them against benchmarks. Analysing data can provide evidence for possible future structure such as identify trends, as well as indicate where improvements can be made. However there are strict procedures to be followed when collecting and storing data. Why Collect HR Data Organisations are required to keep data to meet legislative and regulatory law, such as pay records to supply to HMRC for tax and NI contributions and records of training given to staff to confirm with Health and Safety Act and Fire regulations. Another key reason to keep data…show more content…
Electronically. Some of the benefits of electronically storing are that you can store vast amounts of information in a very small space, you can reproduce and disseminate this information at great speed, documents are easy to modify. Documents can also be searched for easily, and it is hard for the documents to go missing. Hard Copy Format. Some of the benefits of storing documents in hard copy format are that you can track amendments to the original documents, you can read the document without the reliance on electricity, you can physically see the signature on the document and files cannot be accidently deleted or corrupted. Documents can be recalled and deleted/amended easily UK Legislation referring to recording storing and accessibility of HR data There are various legislative acts and regulations that instruct on how we are to record and store HR data, I will briefly summarise 2 of them. Data Protection Act This act applies to all organisations that process data relating to their staff and customers. It is the main legal framework in UK that protects personal data. The act contains 8 data protection principles which are: Personal data should be processed fairly and lawfully, this can be achieved by asking the employees to use their information, on the employment contract. Personal data shall be obtained only for specific lawful

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