Cipher's Character Analysis

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The Wylie’s Kingdom was in an uproar over King Gabriel and First Commander Cipher’s lack of response to the daily executions of men and women: those who stood quietly in the shadows, allowing others to fight their battles, never drawing a weapon nor using their powers for anything other than to support their livelihood. The one hundred and twenty-two brave souls seeking justice against those involve in Robert and Justine’s deaths, while forty-two still sits in King David’s dungeon. “I cannot keep placating the people,” Cipher contends, embroil in an intense argument with King Gabriel. He tosses papers onto the king’s desk, in which he scoops them up. It has been five days since he turned down King David’s offer to spare his brother’s life.…show more content…
“You spoke of a day when one of your hunting parties went into the woods, and never returned. Therefore, you gathered together a search party and went in after them; only to find them three days later, bloodied, barely alive, and dangling from the limbs of trees.” Cipher widens his smile, “Your father and I may have embellished the story to save our men their dignities,” he begins to recount with a chortle of exultation: remembering the event in question. “The truth is. The hunting party was spook by a raspy sound and climbed the tree themselves. Where they became entangled in its limbs and were stuck there until we found them and cut them down.” “A sound, frighten them?” “It was a mixture of sounds. From the rowdy wind’s piercing through the trees, a mother bird and her young chirping, and the splashing of water, which had blended together to create the terrible raspy sound they heard following them,” Cipher finish and the entire room exploded in laughter, even the king could not help…show more content…
“I was selfish in my cause to make his life a living hell; instead of accepting the title he was given.” He blinks back the tears in his eyes, maintaining his stoic composure. “Robert knew the risk and the heartache you inherit when you don the crown. And because of the title he held, he lost the one he most loves.” A tear falls from the king’s eyes, taking Fabian by surprise, as his brother reveals the actual burden, which brought him to this revelation. “Every maiden who has every love a Wylie has fallen before her time.” “That’s not true.” “Then name a Queen, who has lived past her prime.” Fabian thought long and hard and could not think of one. “Brother, the men in our family, is blessed to live long years, but the same cannot be said for the maidens they loved,” the king elaborates. “Justine is dead because she loved him. We lost our mother, because of her loved for our father. Loving us is a death sentence, I do not want to bestow onto another.” “Brother, where is this coming from?” “The council keeps pushing me to take a bride.” “Does this mean you’re finally ready to commit to one of your playmates?” The king looks to him but does not meet his gaze. “Marriage was never a thought after…,” he
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