Circadian Biological Rhythms

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Biological Rhythms are cyclical fluctuations that recur in living things. Biological Rhythms fall into three categories that vary within its timeframe. Rhythms that take place within 24-hrs timeframe, such as the sleep-wake cycle, are known as Circadian Rhythms. Infradian Rhythms happen once a month or season such as menstrual cycle and migration. Ultradian Rhythms happen more frequent a day on a 90 minute cycle such as variations in alertness and hormone levels. Circadian Rhythms are controlled by the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), a group of cells found in hypothalamus. The SCN allows the body to adapt day-night changes through the release of melatonin which rises at night and falls in daytime. Melatonin treatment is used to fix desynchronized
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