Circe Of Aeaea Research Paper

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The enchanting and comely sorceress Circe lived on the island of Aeaea. She welcomed Odysseus’ sailors to her feast, but when they became greedy and devoured everything, she turned them into pigs. They were treated like swine, placed in a pig pen and given fodder to eat. When Odysseus came to rescue his men, she tried to turn him also into a pig, but he would not succumb to her dark magic as he had been given a plant by Hermes to protect himself. Circe later went on to stay with Odysseus for several years, until he and his men pleaded with her to return home. While he was leaving, Circe told Odysseus only to descend to the Land of the Dead, and pay a visit to the blind prophet, Teiresias. I, Circe of Aeaea, have often been portrayed as a cruel, monster who fed upon the misery of others. They tell me that turning the men into pigs was evil and unnecessary. However, I must say, I did not do any of this because I wanted to; I did it because they were behaving like untamable hogs and needed to be punished. This is the real story of what happened, that fateful day when Odysseus, son of Laertes, decided to pay me a visit. The rumblings began as a low moan, that slowly became louder and louder. There were…show more content…
At that moment, I realized that, the eminent Odysseus, the so called hero of the Trojan War, must have been the leader of the men. He was obviously not here at the moment, for he would not have condoned entering my lair, and would have been more circumspect than his men. It was only a matter of moments, before he realized that something was wrong and that he would come begging to my door for his men. Sooner rather than later, my suspicions were proven true as a handsome, muscular man arrived at the front door of my hall. I cordially allowed him to enter, but he brushed away everything and brusquely asked me “Where are my
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