Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models Essay

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Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models
This paper will discuss two different conflict models and how they may be used to diagnose a particular conflict. Each model will be described in a way, which better helps understand the conflict. Potential confidentiality issues within the conflict will be described as well. Both the Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models are both effective tools at assisting a practitioner at diagnosing and resolving conflict.
Circle of Conflict model The Circle of Conflict model is the simplest method of figuring out the root cause of a conflict. The circle implements five possible drivers of conflict that are values, relationships, externals/moods,
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When Carolyn and Nick would work around the supervisor Nick would accept Carolyn’s decisions, Carolyn believes he did this because his supervisor was around and he wanted to appear as though he was a team player. The night that Carolyn was asked to be shift lead, not just by her co-workers but also by Nick, Carolyn thought that she would be making the final decision and be supported by Nick and her fellow co-workers. Carolyn and Nicks relationship has been deteriorating and was now to the point that both asked to be placed on different shifts. The relationship between Carolyn and Nick had progressed beyond workplace conflict and now negative personal feelings developed escalating the conflict.
On the milieu, there has been change. The inconsistency and negative relationship between the two staff members have allowed the residents to detect that there is not a leader and when there is no leader, the resident’s mood shifted to suspicion and distrust in the staff. The other co-workers chose not to get involved too much. Since there seems not to be a clear leader for the shift, a resident becomes argumentative when bedtime is announced. The mood of the whole facility has shifted to feelings of negativity creating an unsettling atmosphere not only for the staff members but for the residents as well. Focus must be made on settling this negative mood within the facility or the conflict
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