Circle of Death

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Circle of Death Could you make the decision to doom some, in order to save others? This has always appeared as one of the most difficult decisions within the nature of mankind. Those who have the ability to declare death to others easily are often seen as sadistic or demented. No culture has been faced with this decision more than the Jewish people, especially under the Nazi Regime. During the early 1940’s Nazis imprisoned Jews within “ghettos” to keep stricter control; however, once imprisoned the Nazis handed over control and maintenance to a select council of Jews, the Judenrat. The Judenrat, despite having influence in the ghetto society, were often given “obey or die” ultimatums by the Nazi commanders and troops. In order to give …show more content…
The following quote from a survivor displays how vast the problem was:
"The hunger in the ghetto was so great, was so bad, that people were lying on the streets and dying." (U.S.H.M.M.). Despite having so much brutality within ghettos, few had open resistance, or strong resistance for that matter. Men like Barasz faced virtually no punishment. Barasz was aware of mass murders of Jews and yet did nothing to stop any of them; no protests, riots, or even letters of retribution (Lisciotto “Efraim Barasz”). Barasz was not only aware of the killings, he participated in them (Lisciotto “Efraim Barasz”). Barasz was not alone though; there were others such as Merin, who complied with his Nazis commanders typically (SHOAH Resource Center). Merin not only submitted to the Nazis but completely denounced the underground resistance (SHOAH Resource Center). None stood up against Merin despite his open abandonment to serving any orders the Nazis commanded of him. Merin thought that what he did was for the best within his reign as shown by the following quote: “Merin complied with German demands in May 1942 to deport the
Jews of Eastern Upper Silesia to extermination camps. Merin believed that if he doomed some to death, others could be saved.” (SHOAH Resource Center).
This lack of public resistance probably helped to keep the ghettos from being decimated for quite a while. Despite all of the men who seemed so ready to give up lives to

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