Circuit Board Case Study

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Circuit Board Case Study
Circuit Board Fabricators, Inc. is a circuit board manufacturer based in California. They produce circuit boards to large organizations like Apple and Hewlett-Packard. The large computer companies hire Circuit Board Fabricators, Inc. (CBF) to make to circuit boards for the large companies new prototypes. CBF implements a large automated process that follows standard codes to produce these circuit boards efficiently and with above average customer service; however, recently CBF has been experiencing losses. CBF believes that the loss 's the company is facing is due to the current automated system used. The CBF process engineers designed the plant has the capacity to produce 1,000 circuit boards per day; however,
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Establish Performance Requirements
In order for CBF to produce high quality circuit boards, the following requirements to establish performance are recommended:
- Extended hours of operation
- Additional Machinery
- Decrease initial inspection time
If the company were to extend production hours to 12 hours a day with an addition of a machine, the production and production cost would increase but so would the number of produced circuit boards. In addition, if the factory could shorten the initial inspection process time, this would allow for more boards to be produced and lessen the bottle neck affect the company currently faces.

Process Improvement Opportunities
After a full examination of the case study, the top three process improvement opportunities include:

As examined, the top three process improvement opportunities include:
1. Increase the factory’s hours of operations to 12 hour days
2. Increase machinery to reduce human error
3. Create a new initial inspection process to decrease time

Final Recommendation
My current workplace is not in the manufacturing industry. The only improvement that my company does currently implements is increased hours of operation. This increases the cost of operations; however, creates potential through availability to earn capital. Our company cannot add machinery, but does use other non-human resources to aid in the decreased risk of human error through programs
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