Circuit Board Fabricators

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CBF has hired you to help determine why they are not able to produce the 1,000 boards per day. 1. What type of process flow structure is CBF using? The company is using a batch shop process flow structure. CBF, Inc. bases its board fabrication process on the average job size or on its typical order. This means that the company proceeds with the manufacturing process in batches so as to meet the specific requirements per order. The typical contract that the company currently gets is 60 boards per order. However, due to persisting factory defects, they manufacture a total of 75 boards per batch in order to compensate for 20% of the boards that they typically reject during the process. 2. Diagram the process in a manner similar to…show more content…
The bottleneck of the production lies in the capacity of the machines that take care of the cleaning and the coating. These two machines can make a run of 0.5 minutes or a maximum of 120 boards in an hour per machine. The manual loading of the boards into the said machines exceeds the latter's rate of fabrication. The average manual loading of boards into the machines is 36 boards per hour. That means for every hour, there is more or less an excess of 16 boards, which are not cleaned and coated, which totals to around 120 boards per day. In other words, the average daily manual loading has the capacity of at least 1,020 boards. However, the cleaning and coating machines can each do only up to 900 boards per day, and the capacities of the succeeding processes are still bigger than the bottleneck. It can be assumed that since the bottleneck is 900 boards per day, then the average daily output is also 900 boards per day. A solution to this is to increase the output of the initial processes, to be able to avoid down time in the succeeding processes and ultimately meet the required output per shift of 1,000 boards. As the group said in #4, CBF must start into production at least 1,200 boards to meet the required daily demand of 1,200. This can be attained by making both the cleaning and coating machines run overtime by at least two and a half hours, as well as make the worker loading the boards into these machines do an overtime of one and a
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