Circuit Criminal Court Sentencing Docket Attendance: A Report

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Report On Attendance of Circuit Court Criminal Sentencing Docket Date Attended: March 14, 2013 Place: Morgan County Courthouse, Decatur, Alabama Judge: Glenn Thompson Docket Criminal sentencing Attorneys Multiple attorneys representing multiple clients On March 14, 2013, the writer of this work attended a criminal sentencing docket at the Morgan County Courthouse in the Circuit Court in Decatur, Alabama. The Honorable Glenn Thompson was presiding over the criminal sentencing docket. The docket was five pages long with multiple attorneys and defendants present in the courtroom. As the Honorable Glenn Thompson entered the courtroom, the bailiff spoke aloud saying 'all rise' and everyone stood up until the Judge ordered them to be seated. The defendants names were called with each defendant or their respective attorney answer their roll call. The Honorable Glenn Thompson, Circuit Court Judge instructed the attorneys and defendants to be alert as the docket was long and there was a need to avoid delay due to individuals being out of the courtroom when their name was called. The defendants were called alphabetically to receive their sentencing. The majority of the crimes being sentenced that day were drug crimes. A multitude of those being sentenced had attended drug rehabs or was scheduled to enter a drug rehab as a condition of probation on the sentence for the offense they had committed. As each defendant was called, a probation officer was present to give his or

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