Circumcision Definition

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female circumcision, neonatal circumcision was chosen as a point of interest as it also relates to the specialization of sex therapy with the overall goal of clinical counseling. Darby (2015) discussed the effects that circumcision has on males who grow up to resent their condition. Male clients could seek therapy for the physical and psychological scars caused by the unwanted circumcision. Darby (2015) discussed the harm versus the benefits of a neonatal circumcision. For centuries, it has been believed that the removal of the penis foreskin offer great medical and hygienic benefits while yielding minimal risks. However, little attention has been paid to these minimal risks. Darby (2015) discussed the risks of not being circumcise as well as the risks of being circumcised. Darby (2015) also discussed the religious and sociocultural beliefs associated with neonatal circumcision.. However, Darby (2016) stated that despite these reasons, some men grow up and resent their condition and would not have chosen circumcision for them. Nudity Nudity was chosen as a topic of interest as clients who…show more content…
More specifically he discussed the cultural regulation of nudity and the referral of genitals as “private parts”. Levay and Baldwin (2012) stated that public nudity is suggested to lead to public arousal, which in most cultures including cultures that wear minimal clothing, in inappropriate. These limitations have been set by society as cultural norms; however, we continue to have exotic dancing and pornography. Pornography and exotic dancing continue to be controversial topics and even have advocacy groups against them such as that reported by Sumerau and Cragun (2015). The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is reported to advocate for anti-porn policies with their followers. While other groups advocate for the establishment of Stripper’s Bill of Rights and the legalization of
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